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Business Start-Up

Whatever business you would like to start up with, we can help you in setting that up in a tax efficient way.

 Based on your circumstances, we will advise you an appropriate business structure (eg Sole Trader Vs Company) and guide you through all the way to start a business successfully.


Business Planning

Whether you are a start-up business looking for a loan, grant, equity funding or crowd funding OR an established business looking forward to expand further, we can prepare a comprehensive business plan to fulfil your target.


Cloud Based Accounting

Cloud based accounting could be a better solution for your business, if you would like your business to work smarter and faster.

We provide fully customised cloud based accounting solutions (including management accounts, budgeting, forecasting etc) to our clients based on their need and nature of business.



TaxConnect Accountants understands that it is vital that you keep a close eye on the daily financial incomings and outgoings of your business but finding time to do it is not easy.

 We provide a competitively priced onsite and offsite bookkeeping service to many small to medium sized business in Central London, so why not give us a call? Let us look after your bookkeeping so you can get on with running your business.



Choosing the right VAT scheme is not easy with so many options out there (eg Flat rate Vs Standard Rate Vs Marginal Rate!).

 Our VAT experts can guide you through the VAT compliance process and advise you on an appropriate VAT scheme which can save you thousands of pounds. We prepare VAT returns for our VAT registered clients and submit them to the revenue in a timely manner.




Our fully managed payroll service has been developed to help business owners like you make sure that all your employees receive the correct pay on the correct day with no nasty surprises.

 Periods of absence through illness, benefits and overtime will all be taken care of at source by our payroll specialists.


Year End Accounts

Preparation of Year End Accounts on behalf of our clients based on the information given and submitting them to the appropriate authority like HMRC and Companies House by the deadline is our regular job. It is always done with due care and in a professional manner.


Personal Tax Return

If you are sole trader, self employed or a partner of a partnership business, you are required to submit your self assessment return to the revenue by 31st January every year. We can prepare your personal tax return for you and submit it to the HMRC before the deadline. We will also advise you on your personal tax affairs.


Corporation Tax Return

Companies incorporated in the UK are required to submit their Corporation Tax Return (CT600) to the revenue on a regular basis. We provide a fast, efficient and affordable service in preparing and submitting Corporation Tax Return to the revenue.


Contractor Accounts

We are specialised in providing comprehensive accounting services to the Contractors,Freelancers and  Consultants using the latest and modern softwares like Xero and FreeAgent.


Landlord Accounts

We prepare rental income and expense accounts on behalf of the landlords and submit their self assessment to the revenue with due care. If you have few rental properties, we can make your life easy by introducing an efficient cloud based accounting solutions to you so that you can have a proper control over your incomings and outgoings related to the rental properties.


Tax Advice

Our Tax services include Personal Tax Compliance, Corporate Tax Compliance and Tax planning for individuals and corporate bodies. At TaxConnect Accountants, Our team of Tax specialists aim to add real value to client’s business by identifying tax planning opportunities well in advance and avoid potential pitfalls.


Tax Investigation

We possess the required technical knowledge and proven track record in dealing with HMRC tax investigations. Our team of specialist tax advisers can deal with your case, if you are being investigated by the HMRC now and manage the entire process on your behalf. The most common type of tax investigations we deal with on a regular basis are Personal Income Tax investigation, Undeclared Rental income/HMRC let property campaign, Corporate Tax Investigations, VAT and PAYE inspection and Voluntary Tax Disclosure related issues.


Specialist Services

We work as Virtual Finance Directors to keep our clients financial affairs nice and tidy, when they are not in a position to hire a full time Finance Director. All our Virtual Finance Directors are qualified accountants and have years of experience in helping SME’s to thrive. Our specialist services also include Closing down a company/business in a proper manner, Offshore company formation, Opening a branch of an overseas company in the UK and Application for different tax relief (such as R&D Tax Credit) to the revenue on behalf of the client.

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